Wire And Mail Fraud

Beverly Hills Wire And Mail Fraud Defense Lawyers

Convictions for mail and wire fraud charges – those that stem from the use of the mail, phone or Internet in the commission of an alleged criminal offense – carry extremely harsh consequences. This includes severe financial penalties, decades in prison and the stigma that comes from being branded as a felon.

Even if these charges are not the main focus of an indictment, the government will not hesitate to pursue them because of the relative ease of showing that the Internet, mail or a phone was used in conjunction with alleged criminal activity. As such, those facing these charges need powerful defense representation to counter the government's case and protect their future.

Powerful Defense Against Serious Criminal Allegations

The lawyers of Kaplan Marino of Beverly Hills, California, have vast experience in white collar criminal matters, and are known throughout the nation as advocates with a long history of success in wire and mail fraud cases. Through meticulous trial preparation and a commitment to remaining on the cutting edge of criminal defense strategies, we have helped many clients minimize or avoid the penalties and collateral consequences that can accompany criminal convictions.

Our partners have never worked for any prosecutorial agency; we have spent our entire careers as defense attorneys, so we are skilled in the art of dismantling or countering prosecutors' arguments. We use an aggressive approach to motion practice in an attempt to reach favorable resolutions as early as possible. If a trial becomes necessary in any wire or mail fraud matter, our attorneys draw on the skills and knowledge they have gained during more than 45 years of courtroom experience.

More About Mail Fraud And Wire Fraud

  • Mail fraud charges arise from the alleged use of the United States Mail/United States Postal Service or private or commercial interstate carriers (such as UPS or FedEx) to commit fraud.
  • Wire fraud charges stem from the alleged use of telephones, radios or the Internet to defraud someone.
  • Wire and mail fraud charges carry between a 20- and 30-year maximum sentence (for each count), depending on whether or not a financial institution was affected by the alleged criminal conduct.
  • Each mailing or electronic communication sent can lead to its own fraud charge. As such, multiple charges can quickly accumulate and put you at risk of suffering extremely severe consequences.
  • Wire and mail fraud charges can be a part of any white collar criminal case; they are commonly associated with securities fraud, tax fraud, bank and investment fraud, mortgage fraud, health care fraud, insurance fraud, bribery and kickbacks.

Due to the manner in which charges may be added and lead to especially severe consequences, it is imperative to seek our counsel as soon as you have been charged or, if possible, as soon as you believe you are the target of a criminal investigation.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your situation with our legal team.