Public Corruption

Beverly Hills Public Corruption Defense Attorneys

Public officials are put under greater scrutiny today than at any other point in history, and many high-ranking officials are subject to government investigations and allegations of criminal conduct. Additionally, the advent of mobile technology and social media has allowed news and information to spread faster than ever before, just as quickly turning an unfounded rumor into a firestorm of publicity and false accusations aimed at public officials.

At Kaplan Marino, our attorneys defend elected and appointed officials and government employees who face prosecution for public corruption crimes and all other alleged white collar criminal conduct. Our knowledge of state and federal public corruption laws and our experience in these exceptionally convoluted matters has made us one of the most respected and sought-after criminal defense firms in California and throughout the nation.

Discreet Representation And Proven Reputation Management

We understand that public corruption cases are about more than staying out of prison, as merely being accused of these crimes can gravely damage your personal and professional reputation. Our goal as public corruption defense lawyers is twofold: to protect you from the consequences of criminal allegations and to preserve the respect and trust that you have spent years earning.

Investigations Targeting Public Officials

Anyone engaged in public service may be the target of allegations of public corruption: law enforcement officials, city leaders and managers, department heads, school board members and other politicians and public officials at all levels. Accusations leveled against these individuals typically allege:

Although public corruption statutes serve to protect citizens from abuse of power and wrongful spending of tax dollars, the laws describing public corruption are often vague. You require exceptional legal defense to protect yourself from a mistaken or overzealous application of these laws.

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