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A strong and immediate legal response is required when a person is targeted for extradition to another country on charges of crimes that may or may not be credible. Because the extradition process requires considerable commitment of time and money, extradition efforts are not made lightly.

The U.S. State Department will not refuse extradition requests without good reason. The sensitive and political ramifications for refusing extradition – weakening the United States' ability to extradite its own accused individuals from other countries – can give a semblance of credence to even questionable extradition efforts.

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Kaplan Marino is a global leader in transnational criminal defense. Our firm defends individuals against extradition to nations with which the United States has legal treaties and those with which we cooperate without the benefit of a treaty. From our office in Beverly Hills, we defend clients facing extradition to or from the U.S., including those located in California and across the country.

Our attorneys have more than 45 combined years of experience, and the skills and knowledge they have accumulated during that time make them especially adept at addressing the labyrinthine laws and regulations involved in extradition matters. Due to the depth of our experience working with different countries, we are sought out for our skill in preventing extradition. We analyze the documents at hand for their legality, assessing the validity of the charges and scrutinizing every detail and nuance.

Experienced Extradition And International Crime Defense

Extradition is requested for a variety of alleged criminal violations, including white collar crimes and other serious criminal offenses. Often, these charges are political in nature or involve allegations related to drugs or violence.

Without an experienced international extradition defense team, those facing extradition may be remanded to the requesting country – many of which have no due process rights – and incarcerated for an extended period before being brought to court.

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