Conspiracy And Money Laundering

Beverly Hills Conspiracy And Money Laundering Defense Lawyers

Money laundering and conspiracy are frequently charged and often included in an indictment along with other serious criminal offenses. Even when they are not the main focus of an indictment, prosecutors use the pressure that additional charges can apply as leverage against the accused.

As with other forms of white collar crime, it is imperative to combat charges of conspiracy and money laundering as aggressively as possible. Convictions for these offenses can lead to massive fines, lengthy prison sentences and the forfeiture of all assets associated with the alleged criminal activity.

Experienced Attorneys For Complex Defense Cases

The conspiracy and money laundering defense attorneys at Kaplan Marino have successfully handled these cases for many clients in California and throughout the United States. Our partners are true defense attorneys; they have never worked for a prosecutorial office or agency, as our firm has been devoted solely to protecting the interests of those facing serious criminal allegations. Our well-earned reputation as one of the nation's elite defense firms has made us highly sought authorities in matters involving all types of white collar crimes, and our peers routinely refer their most complex matters to our trial attorneys.

More About Conspiracy And Money Laundering

Conspiracy charges can arise in any situation where two or more people allegedly planned to commit a crime. Many conspiracy cases involve complex issues and the question of the culpability of each individual involved.

Money laundering exists in any case where allegedly ill-gotten money changes hands. It can also serve as a standalone offense, such as when money that was supposedly obtained by illegal means is deposited in the bank.

Protect Your Reputation

We recognize that our clients are nearly as concerned about public relations consequences as they are about the charges they may face. Our lawyers do everything possible to safeguard our clients' confidentiality and minimize the damage that allegations of conspiracy or money laundering can do to their reputations.

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