White Collar Crimes

Beverly Hills White Collar Crime Defense Attorneys

Our California, Federal And International Practice

To successfully defend against allegations of white collar crimes, it is often necessary to examine vast amounts of evidentiary minutia and navigate a labyrinth of domestic and international laws. At Kaplan Marino, our attorneys have the experience, polished legal acumen and proven defense strategies to successfully defend against complicated white collar and business-related offenses in state and federal courts. This includes, but is not limited to:

In cases involving these and all other possible types of white collar charges, we travel across the country and internationally to defend our clients from prosecution initiated by the FBI, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and many other agencies.

Our Appellate Representation

In addition to defending those accused of white collar crimes at the trial court level, our attorneys are adept at advocating for clients in state and federal appellate courts.

Other attorneys recognize the legal excellence and exceptional results that define our appellate practice; our peers routinely refer appeals to our firm because they know that doing so provides their clients with the strongest chance of obtaining a favorable outcome at the appellate level.

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