Best cybercrime defense: A thorough understanding of technology

In the last year or so, cybercrime has been a topic making headlines around the country. Major retailers like Target and Home Depot have been forced to admit that customer data was stolen by hackers during some of the busiest shopping days of the year. Customer data in these cases included credit/debit card numbers and other sensitive financial and personal information.

Sophisticated cybercrimes like these retail data breaches are often carried out by computer hackers living outside the United States. But in an effort to crack down on cybercrime in any way they can, U.S. authorities have been going after Americans suspected of computer-related offenses. In their zeal, authorities sometimes implicate innocent people who were simply using their own technology in legal ways.

The Internet and web-based technology are evolving too quickly for most people to keep up. As such, it is fairly easy for investigators to misinterpret or misunderstand an individual’s behaviors online. And ironically, it can be difficult to defend against criminal charges when prosecutors may not have a detailed understanding of the alleged offense or how it was supposedly conducted.

The legal team at Kaplan Marino recognizes the importance of staying tech-savvy in order to best assist clients charged with cybercrimes, which is why we combine a thorough understanding of technology with sophisticated legal insights. You can’t afford to take chances when faced with criminal charges, particularly when it comes to alleged cybercrimes.

If you have been charged with cybercrime or a similar offense, please visit the cybercrime defense page on our website to learn how we may be able to help you.

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