Testimonial for Nina Marino and Jennifer Lieser

Nina Marino – If you want the best lawyer to fight for you in court, she is the one.

My wife and I were indicted in an international white-collar crime in which the losses were in the multiple million dollars, and each of us were facing several charges which could have resulted in jail time of over 150 years if served consecutively.

Once, we had mandated Nina Marino and her firm to defend our case for a predetermined upfront legal fee, herself and her colleague flew thousands of miles to meet with us face to face for several days, to grasp the details of the case.  No lawyer, especially with today’s technology to meet over zoom will do this sacrifice and expense for you. We did not understand back then, but we definitely understand now. She wanted to meet with us, because she wanted to know what kind of individuals we are, where we came from, and how we got involved in this. She wanted to get a feeling face to face, and that you can not get over a zoom call. This act showed us from day one what kind of person Nina Marino was, she is caring and compassionate. We knew, she had our back, and that is the most important aspect when you are facing multiple federal indictments.

My wife is severely ill, and she is facing multiple non curable diseases. After our voluntary surrender to the US authorities through the extradition process, the court approved us to be released on the condition of a huge amount of bail bond. It would have taken our family back home several weeks to gather this bail bond, instead Nina Marino paid it on our behalf through her firm, and we were released the same day. Now you tell me, which lawyer would do this gesture for you? No one. Of course, we paid her back after our return back home in a very timely fashion, but that is not the point. Remember, I said earlier she has your back. She definitely does.

Our case lasted almost 5 years. From day one until the last day, Nina Marino answered our emails and phone calls immediately. Given her amazing reputation, we can only imagine how many multiple cases and client she has at the same time, but at no point we felt neglected for a second. She always made us feel that we are her number one priority, which I am sure all her other clients will say the same.

Nina Marino and her colleague from the same firm Jennifer Lieser, worked tireless on our case for years, going through each document and evidence, even spending evenings and weekends instead being with their loved ones, finding discrepancies & explanations and chipping away at the indictments.

The legal team of Nina Marino and Jennifer Lieser through their dedicated and detailed work, smart thinking, analysing and strategic planning have fought until the last minute to get the best possible outcome for my wife and myself and I can say with confidence that we could not be any happier.

Nina Marino and Jennifer Lieser are role models for any lawyers, and I know for a fact that we could have not received even remotely the same outcome if we hired any other legal firm.

I would not hesitate to recommend Nina Marino and Jennifer Lieser for a second, because they have been there for us from day one, and I know they will do the same for any other client of theirs.

God bless you Nina Marino & Jennifer Lieser and your families and thank you for all you have done for my wife and me.