KAPLAN MARINO is pleased to share first quarter of 2023 successes! We are having a great year so far!

KAPLAN MARINO is proud to share our first quarter 2023 successes which reflect our dedicated efforts to achieve the best results possible for our clients

60 days and time served sentences achieved for husband and wife charged with international telemarketing scheme with losses exceeding $9M

Our clients, Canadian citizens and husband and wife, were charged in a five-year massive international telemarketing scheme that generated nearly $10M losses.  The recommended sentence for this offense was in excess of five years in prison. Due to the wife’s severe medical conditions, we reached an agreed upon sentence of time served with the government. After significant negotiation, the government agreed not to seek a sentence of more than 39 months for the husband. After three sentencing hearings where we strongly argued the husband needed to remain out of custody to care for his wife, the court sentenced the husband to 60 days in prison due his role as an irreplaceable caretaker.

Highest ranking woman in Varsity Blues college admission scandal sentenced to only 6 months

Our client, the highest-ranking administrator indicted in the Varsity Blues college admission scandal, was facing up to 19 years in prison if convicted of charges in this highly publicized largest college admissions scandal ever. After successfully challenging the RICO charges and the property fraud counts, a mere 10 days before the trial was to start, a plea deal was reached wherein Dr. Heinel pled guilty to a single count of wire fraud. At the sentencing hearing, which lasted several hours, our client was sentenced to only six months in custody despite the government’s argument that a sentence of two years be imposed.

No custody time for talent agent accused of stealing from clients

Our client, a successful talent agent for commercial actors was charged with stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from multiple clients. After being a fugitive for more than two years, the case was quietly resolved for two years’ probation and no custodial time.

Case Dismissed for Bike v. Auto Road Rage Case

Our client, a nationally recognized professional bicyclist was charged with multiple felony counts and a strike allegation after a confrontation with the driver of a car. It was alleged that our client started a fight which resulted in serious injuries to the car’s driver. Our thorough investigation located multiple percipient witnesses which were never interviewed by the detective on the matter. We presented our findings to the District Attorney’s office. As the case headed to trial, the prosecution dismissed the matter based on the evidence we provided.

Convicted Felon’s Gun Case Dismissed

Our client was a convicted felon with a rap sheet that goes back for more than 30 years. He was accused of illegally possessing a firearm. Our review of the video from the officer’s bodycam and effective cross examination at the preliminary hearing raised serious doubts as to whether our client ever possessed the weapon in question. DNA testing of the weapon was performed at our request, and the client’s DNA was not located on the weapon. The case was dismissed.

No Charges for Attorney Accused of Rape

Our client, a practicing attorney, met a woman, also an attorney, on an online dating app. After several dates, our client broke off the relationship. After the rejection, our client was accused of raping the woman. We maintained a continuous line of communication with the investigating detective and our investigation revealed text messages that confirmed our position that the allegations only arose after our client terminated the relationship. The District Attorney’s office declined to file charges.



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