Probation Violations

Probation Violation Lawyers In Beverly Hills

Allegations of violations of probation occur when a person who is on probation is accused of violating the terms and conditions of his or her probation. The possible effects of a probation violation may include reinstatement of probation, changing the terms of your probation or probation revocation leading to jail time.

At Kaplan Marino, we routinely work with probation officers, prosecutors and the court to minimize the effects of these allegations. In some instances, we can resolve these matters without the need for our clients to go to court.

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Our Approach To Probation Violation Cases

Whether the alleged violation is major or minor, our attorneys approach these matters with a problem-solving focus, which leads to superior results for our clients. Whether it is a failure to report to probation, a positive drug test or a failure to attend a court-ordered program, we believe in second chances, and we advocate that for our clients.

We can represent you in your probation violation hearing. During your initial consultation, we can explain the process and help you prepare. We are intent on seeking the best possible resolution to your probation violation case.

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