Domestic Violence And Criminal Threats

Beverly Hills Domestic Violence Lawyers

The attorneys of Kaplan Marino represent business executives, attorneys, police officers and other professionals in relation to domestic violence and criminal threat allegations. As highly skilled litigators, the work our attorneys perform during the early stages of these cases can be the difference between whether or not charges are filed, and whether the charges are filed as misdemeanors or felonies.

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How We Can Help You

At Kaplan Marino, we take all steps necessary to investigate allegations of domestic violence. In appropriate cases, we contact local law enforcement or prosecutors to ensure our clients' rights are being protected and that the facts surrounding the incidents are clear. In many cases, we get our clients office hearings in lieu of formal charges.

If domestic violence charges are filed, we use cutting-edge strategies to aggressively obtain results that reach our clients' objectives. While we always thoroughly prepare for a jury trial, we also explore lesser charges or alternative sentences that prevent many of the collateral consequences that go along with these convictions, along with keeping legal fees at a minimum.

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Representative cases

Police officers responded to our client's home due to a loud domestic disturbance. Our client's wife was extremely upset and crying. The officer testified that our client admitted to hitting his wife during an argument. After a jury trial, our client was found "not guilty."

Our client's wife went to the police station bearing multiple cuts and bruises. She alleged that the night before, our client beat her and held her in the home all night. She stated that when she went to the police station, our client went to work. Our client was charged with felony battery on a spouse and dissuading a witness. After thorough investigation and strong cross-examination at the preliminary hearing, all felony charges were dismissed and a negotiated plea agreement was entered into where our client pled "no contest" to a misdemeanor battery with 18 months of probation.

Our client was arrested outside his ex-girlfriend's apartment after her neighbors contacted the police. The allegations included stalking and peeping. Our attorney contacted the investigating officer and district attorney shortly after the arrest. No charges were filed after a district attorney office hearing.

Our client was arrested after he was called to his son's apartment due to a domestic dispute. While speaking with his daughter-in-law, the police arrived. Officers told him to leave, but the daughter-in-law wanted him to stay. Our client refused to leave. Our client was forcibly removed and an officer was injured. Our client was arrested for resisting arrest and disobeying a police officer. Our attorney contacted the city attorney in charge of filing cases. No charges were filed after a city attorney office hearing.