Assault And Battery Defense Lawyers In Beverly Hills

Assault And Battery Defense Lawyers In Beverly Hills

If you have been charged with assault and battery or another violent crime in California, take early action. The attorneys at Kaplan Marino can immediately step in, begin investigating your case, and work to build the strongest defense possible.

Assault and battery charges carry stiff penalties. Take action now to ensure that your rights are protected from an early stage. Please complete our online contact form to reach one of our attorneys in Beverly Hills.

Understanding Assault And Battery Charges

Assault and battery cases can arise from neighbor disputes, barroom brawls, road-rage incidents or any other conflict between two or more individuals. Sometimes, these incidents involve serious injuries to both the accused and the alleged victim, and other times there are no injuries.

Our attorneys understand that there are two sides to every story, and we are committed to investigating your incident to understand what really happened.

Self-defense is often utilized. When witnesses are interviewed during the early stages of an investigation, these claims are often substantiated. We take prompt action to investigate all possible defenses, including self-defense.

We are often able to take early action that results in no criminal charges being filed. Sometimes we can work to get clients in city attorney or district attorney office hearings, which often allows our clients to have their cases settled outside of court. Reduced charges are another possibility. Additionally, we are experienced trial attorneys who can effectively investigate and cross examine the accusing party. Our goal is to present each client's case in the best possible way.

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Representative cases

Our client was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon and felony vandalism after he was involved in a road rage case. According to eyewitnesses, our client exited his vehicle, grabbed a baseball bat and then hit the other driver's car. When the other driver exited his vehicle, our client hit him in the mouth with the bat, knocking out several teeth. At the preliminary hearing, where the alleged victim was vigorously cross-examined, the judge reduced the matter to a misdemeanor. The case resolved with summary probation and no time in custody for our client.

Our client was arrested for assault on a peace officer and resisting arrest after a night of drinking. Immediately after the arrest, we were in communication with the LAPD and the prosecutor's office. No charges were filed in the case.