Fraud Based Offenses

Federal fraud based offenses include mail and wire fraud, whereby the mere use of the mail, phones or internet in the course of the criminal conduct can result in the criminal charge;  health care fraud, which frequently includes kickback allegations and billing discrepancies; and tax fraud, which includes any form of tax controversy. Allegations of Ponzi schemes, which are typically business ventures that incur financial problems, are common in fraud-based charges. Allegations as well as charges of mortgage fraud and bank fraud are generally premised on false information in a loan application. Likewise, insurance fraud can be premised on false information in an application as well as making a false claim.

Representative Matters

  • Probation granted to car dealership owner charged with 27 felony counts in insurance fraud and money laundering scheme involving millions of dollars.
  • Department of Justice declined prosecution of decorated navy officer suspected of participating in a large-scale fraud on the military.
  • Probation granted for telemedicine employee indicted in flagship national healthcare fraud case.
  • Probation granted to businessman indicted in health care fraud matter and again granted for same client indicted in Department of Defense fraud ten years later.
  • Probation granted to mother and business owner charged in tax fraud and identity theft conspiracy.
  • Probation granted to paralegal charged with credit card and bank fraud.