Red Notice Defense And Removal

Red Notice Defense And Removal

Advances in web-based information-sharing technology have made it easier than ever for a country to seek the arrest and extradition of wanted individuals across the globe. Such advances have resulted in a dramatic increase in the publication and issuance of red notices via Interpol's online database. A red notice is issued after a request for detention is reviewed by Interpol and circulated to all member countries seeking the location and arrest of a wanted individual with a view to his or her extradition.

Once issued, a red notice is published on Interpol's public website, usually accompanied by a photograph, other identifying information, and the allegations levied against the wanted individual. Law enforcement agencies around the world are put on notice to arrest and/or detain the targeted individual. Those targeted by a red notice may face devastating consequences, including arrest, detention, and extradition, not to mention collateral consequences including the inability to travel, damage to reputation, loss of employment, and the freezing of bank accounts.

Experienced Transnational Criminal Defense

Kaplan Marino is a global leader in transnational criminal defense. Our firm defends those targeted by red notices by requesting dismissal of the notice with the requesting country or by seeking its removal directly from Interpol. From our office in Beverly Hills, we advise and defend clients targeted by a red notice requested by a foreign country, as well as those subject to a red notice requested by the United States.

Combined, our attorneys have more than 45 years of experience as well as the skills and knowledge accumulated over time to undertake the defense of individuals targeted by a red notice. Moreover, our attorneys are adept at working with other countries to encourage withdrawal of a red notice request and possess intimate knowledge of Interpol's internal rules and procedures governing the publication and issuance of red notices.

Without a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense team, those targeted by a red notice may suffer arrest, detention, and extradition to face criminal charges abroad.

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