Pharmacy Fraud

Pharmacy Fraud

In the wake of the ever-increasing power of the pharmaceutical industry, allegations of pharmacy fraud are likewise on the rise. Pharmacy fraud, often referred to as pharmaceutical diversion, refers to a wide range of offenses typically involving the "diversion" of prescription drugs either to a pharmacy from the black market or from a pharmacy into other secondary markets. The attorneys at Kaplan Marino have been successfully representing individual's accused of pharmacy fraud for the past 20 years.

Protecting Clients Against a Broad Spectrum of Allegations

Our comprehensive pharmacy fraud practice encompasses all forms of pharmacy fraud, including those that involve allegations of:

  • Illegal distribution of prescription drugs
  • Submission of false drug distribution records
  • Kickbacks
  • Discount purchase of drugs on the black market
  • Diversion of "own use" prescription drugs to black markets
  • Billing for unnecessary prescription drugs

Investigations into pharmacy fraud can be extensive and typically involve the Food and Drug Administration ("FDA"), with frequent involvement or assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI"). For any of these types of pharmacy fraud, the government may seek to file charges of Mail or Wire Fraud, Money Laundering, Conspiracy, False or Materially Incomplete Wholesale Drug Distribution Records Required By The FDA, Illegal Distribution Of Controlled Substances, False Claims Against the United States, or False Statements To A Federally-Funded Health Program.

Experienced Pharmaceutical Fraud Defense

Kaplan Marino has represented individuals accused of a wide array of offenses relating to pharmacy fraud. Our hands-on and detail-oriented approach at the earliest stage of a pharmacy fraud investigation often leads to the desired result. We are particularly adept at minimizing or eliminating the repercussions of pharmacy fraud charges levied against our clients. Our track record in these matters speaks for itself.

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