International Extradition

International Extradition is when a foreign country requests the extradition of a person within the borders of another country with which the foreign country has an extradition treaty. There are several defenses to extradition built into the language of each treaty and based on concepts of international law. These defenses apply equally to U.S. citizens and foreign citizens on U.S. soil. Interpol is an international organization that facilitates worldwide police cooperation and crime control. One of its functions is to alert law enforcement worldwide of the movement of individuals for purposes of both questioning and arrest. Interpol has a wide range of notices that it posts for member nations, the most serious being the red notice, meaning the individual should be arrested, to the less serious blue, green, or orange notices.

Representative Matters

  • Extradition matter dismissed against publisher and United States citizen accused of fraud in a foreign nation and subject to extradition to that foreign nation for execution of sentence.
  • Interpol Red Notice based on child abduction removed for business woman living in South America.