Insurance Fraud

Beverly Hills Insurance Fraud Defense Lawyers

Decades Of Distinguished Criminal Defense

The criminal defense boutique firm of Kaplan Marino has distinguished itself over the years with incisive defense against allegations of insurance fraud and other serious criminal matters. Through more than 45 combined years of experience, we have amassed an in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry and the agencies that prosecute those accused of insurance fraud.

Our attorneys are well-versed in the complicated insurance industry and medical field terminology used in these cases and have an acute understanding of the investigatory methods used by both insurance carriers and law enforcement agencies. Our peers recognize us as leaders in this field and routinely refer their most complex insurance fraud and white-collar criminal matters to our firm.

Protecting Clients Against A Broad Spectrum Of Allegations

Fraud cases occur in every realm of the insurance industry — home, auto, commercial, property/casualty and more. Actual charges take a variety of forms and can involve allegations of:

Whether these or other forms of fraud are alleged, our lawyers have the experience, dedication to legal excellence and history of success to combat charges brought by law enforcement agencies or regulatory authorities.

Protecting Against Criminal Charges And Damage To Reputations

We are cognizant of the fact that allegations of fraud can harm our clients in numerous ways, impacting their finances, their freedom and their hard-earned reputations. We strive to minimize the collateral consequences of being investigated or charged with insurance fraud and other types of white-collar crimes.

We invite you to contact the insurance fraud defense attorneys at Kaplan Marino to discuss your situation. We serve those who have been formally charged as well as those who believe they are the subject of insurance fraud investigations in Beverly Hills, across California and throughout the nation.