Import-Export Offenses

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Globalization of trade has not resulted in a decrease in criminal charges in the import-export business. To the contrary, governments have stepped up the number of inspections, investigations and prosecutions of alleged criminal acts related to the transportation of goods into and out of the United States.

At Kaplan Marino, we defend our clients against the full array of import-export charges. We routinely represent every kind of participant in the import-export business, including customs brokers, importers, freight forwarders and operators within foreign trade and special economic zones (FTZs). We use the skills and knowledge obtained during more than 45 combined years of practicing law to parse through the myriad issues of domestic and international law that can affect the outcome of these matters, and then we build aggressive defense strategies on behalf of our clients.

Our firm is known throughout the nation and worldwide as a leader in this complex field of law, and our lawyers are highly sought authorities in import-export cases and other matters involving white collar crime. Our peers often refer their most complicated import-export cases to our firm, trusting that our services will give their clients the strongest possible chance of obtaining a favorable outcome.

Powerful Defense Against U.S. Customs Charges

Import-export crimes are federal crimes generally stemming from an alleged attempt to deceive officials about the actual value of goods being imported. They include accusations of:

  • Smuggling goods into the U.S.
  • Import/export of stolen or pirated goods
  • Failure to declare
  • False declarations
  • Misclassifying goods
  • Forging or destroying documents
  • Circumventing duties and customs
  • False claims for duty reimbursements
  • Embargo offenses
  • Child protection issues (dangerous toys)

In addition to potential prison time and massive penalties, the consequences of conviction for import-export offenses can tarnish an individual's or company's standing in the industry and reputation well into the future.

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