Identity Theft/Credit Card Fraud

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At Kaplan Marino, we defend individuals charged with credit card crimes, forgery and identity theft. In these and related cases, our primary concern is eliminating or minimizing the criminal, civil and reputational repercussions of criminal allegations. We are fiercely protective of our clients' privacy and are committed to upholding the highest standards of confidentiality and discretion for every client we represent.

With more than 45 combined years of experience as defense advocates, our partners have developed a proactive approach to defense cases that often results in early, favorable outcomes for our clients. This has established us as trusted authorities in the field of criminal defense and white-collar crime and has led to many referrals from other attorneys who recognize our dedication to legal excellence and our ability to obtain exceptional results.

Credit Card Fraud

In recent years, credit card fraud has evolved from a simple misrepresentation to obtain goods into a complex set of globally orchestrated offenses, including identity theft. Actions that fall under the purview of law enforcement investigations include alleged raiding of accounts, theft of funds and illegal procurement of assets.

Identity Theft

In addition to financial identity theft, of which credit card fraud is one type, identity theft often takes four other forms:

  1. Criminal identity theft (claiming to be another person when charged with a crime)
  2. Identity cloning (completely assuming another person's identity)
  3. Medical identity theft (using another party's identity and insurance to obtain care or drugs)
  4. Child identity theft (usually, using a child's Social Security number as your own)

Identity theft can also play a role in immigration fraud and online phishing expeditions. Synthetic identity theft, another form of the crime, is the fabrication of a completely fictional identity. Stolen identities have been used in California in attacks on online payment systems, causing great financial damage.

High-End Representation When The Future Is At Stake

Young people are often caught up in credit card fraud, identity theft, computer crimes and forgery schemes. What starts out as a relatively harmless white-collar crime can quickly develop into serious trouble, with offenders facing federal charges and prison sentences. When that happens, contacting our firm as soon as possible can make the difference between a bleak future spent in prison and a bright future filled with opportunity.

Knowledgeable Beverly Hills Credit Card Fraud Lawyers

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