Environmental Crimes

Beverly Hills Environmental Crime Defense Lawyers

Both the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Cal/EPA are committed to reducing egregious acts of pollution and toxic waste discharges throughout California. Criminal environmental charges have become increasingly common and have resulted in intensified prosecution of organizations and individuals who have allegedly taken part in the illegal generation, transportation, storage and disposal of solid hazardous materials and other wastes.

Environmental criminal charges can result in lengthy prison sentences and enormous fines, and can cause public relations damage from which an individual's or company's reputation may never recover. For this reason, it is of paramount importance to retain the services of accomplished defense attorneys as soon as formal charges are filed or you become aware of an active investigation in which you or your company is targeted.

Defense Against Charges Of Illegal Discharge

At the boutique law firm of Kaplan Marino — based in Beverly Hills, California, and serving clients throughout the nation — we have the resources and legal proficiency to successfully defend against all forms of alleged environmental crimes and other white-collar criminal offenses. Our environmental crime defense attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the legal and scientific facets of these nuanced cases and are adept at addressing the intersecting portions of state and federal law that can make these cases exceedingly complicated.

We defend individuals charged with the full array of environmental crimes, including those related to:

  • Illegal disposal of hazardous waste
  • Groundwater contamination
  • Oil and chemical spills
  • Smokestack pollution
  • Fraudulent certification of smog tests
  • Illegal logging
  • Illegal wildlife trade
  • Toxic dumping

In situations that lead to allegations of environmental violations and involve explosions, chemical leaks or anything else that can cause death, manslaughter charges may follow. As such, it is imperative to retain our counsel as soon as you believe that you are the target of an investigation. This allows us to enter the situation early and help you stay in front of any investigatory efforts of the EPA or other agency, as well as eliminate or minimize the fallout from such investigations.

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