Beverly Hills Embezzlement Defense Attorneys

All too often, charges of embezzlement are brought against high-profile individuals such as officers, directors, employees, executives, public officials and other individuals in a position of trust. These individuals have typically demonstrated great responsibility and reliability for many years. Regardless of whether embezzlement allegations stem from a misunderstanding or a prosecutor's misinterpretation of a situation, these charges can threaten all of the goodwill and trust an individual has accumulated through his or her career. With your entire reputation at stake, it is necessary to obtain experienced white-collar criminal defense counsel at the earliest opportunity.

Skilled Defense Against Charges Of Financial Abuse

The attorneys at Kaplan Marino have a decades-long track record of successfully defending against embezzlement charges and minimizing the collateral consequences that can accompany accusations of embezzlement at the state and federal levels. We are well-known by prosecutors in all forums — they understand that the representation we offer our clients is marked by meticulous preparation, incisive presentation and an impressive knowledge of case law in an area that is frequently complex. Clients know us for our committed, personalized attention and for our determination to secure the best possible outcome at all times.

United States federal courts do not use the term embezzlement, and instead opt to refer to these offenses as deprivation of honest services. Regardless of the terminology used, this is a very serious offense that must be addressed as quickly as possible.

Proven Defense Strategies To Fight Allegations Of Embezzlement

We defend clients accused of a variety of embezzlement-related crimes and other white-collar criminal offenses, including those involving:

Clients retain us at different stages of the legal process, from the moment they are informed they are under investigation to shortly after they have been arrested on allegations of embezzlement. The sooner we become involved in the process, the better; this allows our lawyers to provide guidance, explore all available options, discuss strategies and advise clients on all other issues that are pivotal to their cases.

Based in Beverly Hills, California, Kaplan Marino serves clients throughout the state and across the nation. Contact the firm to discuss your matter in greater detail so you understand all of your options.