Criminal Antitrust

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Companies facing criminal antitrust investigations or charges leveled by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) or any other government agency need to have a swift, assertive defense in order to protect their companies' interests. Failure to adequately address these issues as efficiently as possible can expose a business to harsh penalties that can impede its ability to operate or even cause it to cease operation. Charges of criminal antitrust violations can also expose executives and other individuals to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and up to three years in prison for each alleged violation.

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At Kaplan Marino, our lawyers have the experience and skill necessary to combat criminal antitrust charges. Our partners have spent more than 45 years exclusively defending clients in high-stakes criminal matters. We augment our innovative legal strategies with a dedication to discretion and confidentiality. This allows us to represent high-profile individuals, including CEOs and other corporate officers, in a way that meets the unique needs they face while holding prominent positions. It also allows us to protect companies from suffering excessive harm to their reputations if they are wrongfully accused of antitrust violations.

Based in Beverly Hills, we serve clients accused of criminal antitrust and other white-collar crimes throughout California and across the nation.

Powerful Defense Against Antitrust Charges In Any Industry

While one of the most well-known criminal antitrust cases involves price fixing by a cartel of marine hose manufacturers in the United States, Asia, South America and Europe, antitrust charges can arise in any industry. Charges can also be leveled against companies of any size. They are not restricted to multinational entities and, in certain situations, can even impact smaller operations such as small to mid-sized technology firms in Silicon Valley that have cornered a particular piece of the market.


The multinational nature of many companies and the booming globalization that has taken place in the past decade means that antitrust charges often involve an international component. This can raise issues related to extradition and can threaten an individual's freedom and a company's ability to send its most talented employees to other countries. Through immediate and assertive legal action, we have helped many clients successfully fight extradition both to and from the United States.

Mergers And Criminal Antitrust Liability

In addition to conducting internal investigations in response to companies' concerns about their potential liability for criminal antitrust and other criminal offenses, we proactively investigate concerns regarding potential antitrust exposure when companies consider merging. Our thorough operational risk assessments allow companies to find out whether the business they seek to merge with is in compliance with antitrust laws and other regulations, and learn of any risk of criminal prosecution the combined company may face in the future.

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