Bank And Mortgage Fraud

Beverly Hills Bank And Mortgage Fraud Defense Attorneys

An especially prevalent area of white-collar criminal defense relates to alleged bank or mortgage fraud. To successfully defend against these charges, an attorney must have a keen understanding of finance, statutory and case law, emerging technology and financial regulations.

The criminal defense lawyers at Kaplan Marino are known in California, throughout the nation and globally for their ability to procure outcomes that eliminate or diminish the ramifications of all types of financial and white-collar crimes. We possess the astute analytical capabilities necessary to examine the intersection of the fields of finance and law and to build persuasive defenses in every variety of bank and mortgage fraud cases.

Comprehensive Defense Representation For Financial Fraud Charges

Although bank fraud can take on many different forms, the uniting factor in these cases is that the charges stem from an alleged attempt to fraudulently obtain money from a bank or other financial institution. These cases often involve accusations of making false statements on a bank loan or supporting documents, submitting tax returns with incorrect information, using counterfeit credit cards, improper use of an ATM, falsification of bank accounts, use of strawmen bank accounts and many other types of allegedly fraudulent activity. These matters may also be tied to issues related to:

This list is not exhaustive; we are equipped to resolve the matters listed above as well as all other situations involving allegations of bank fraud. This includes matters related to structured cash transactions, which can appear as purposeful efforts to split large sums of money into smaller portions in order for the sum to fall beneath the federal reporting cutoff of $10,000.

What Gives Rise To Mortgage Fraud Charges?

Mortgage fraud charges are similar to bank fraud charges, but are more focused and specifically target alleged conduct related to the improper acquisition of a mortgage. Mortgage fraud typically takes on two forms:

  1. Someone making false statements on a mortgage application so that he or she can own a home or commercial property
  2. Someone falsifying a mortgage application and supporting documents in order to make a profit

Many times, mortgage fraud charges arise when someone falsifies documents to increase the value of his or her property, inflate equity in the property in order to obtain a second mortgage or improperly refinance the property. Mortgage fraud is not limited to prospective homeowners; appraiser fraud charges have been on the rise in recent years, and numerous appraisers have been prosecuted for allegedly providing false appraisal values.

Our firm handles the full spectrum of mortgage fraud cases, including:

  • Foreclosure fraud
  • Real estate investment fraud
  • Over-reported assets
  • Improper underwriting
  • Misrepresenting renter information
  • Inflating income information
  • Fraudulent loan application information
  • Failure to disclose required information

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