Aggravated Identity Theft

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Mandatory Minimum Sentence For Aggravated Identity Theft

Aggravated identity theft charges are often added to an indictment to put additional pressure on the accused. Due to the mandatory minimum sentence that these charges carry — at least two years of incarceration — they place defendants in an extremely precarious position.

Additionally, all that is required to include this charge in an indictment is the allegation that identity theft occurred and was used in the commission of, or in relation to, any other felony listed in the statute. There are more than 60 different types of felonies that qualify as this type of predicate offense, so it is especially easy for the government to tack aggravated identity theft charges onto nearly any case.

Terrorism-Related Sentencing

The mandatory minimum sentence for aggravated identity theft increases from two years to five if the underlying felony is related to supposed terrorist activity. Terrorism-related accusations can stem from a wide range of conduct, as the government has an expansive definition of what constitutes terrorist activity.

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