Violent Crimes

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Crimes that involve an altercation between people are sometimes referred to as "violent crimes." These crimes are generally prosecuted in state court. Assault and battery, kidnapping, murder and manslaughter are crimes of violence that have high stakes and require superior representation.

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Violent Crime Charges

Violent crime charges can arise from disputes between neighbors, bar fights, auto accidents fueled with road rage, and other interpersonal conflicts. These quarrels can escalate and result in serious injuries, both by the alleged aggressor and the victim. Injuries do not always result, but charges may still be filed.

Sometimes, confrontations between people can result in the loss of a life and result in charges of murder or manslaughter. Legal penalties can include long prison terms, including life without the possibility of parole, or even the death penalty.

A charge of kidnapping can arise from the slightest movement of a person from one place to another. Domestic violence accusations may fly when tempers are heated. We thoroughly investigate and defend these accusations with precision and cutting-edge techniques that serve to protect our clients and often lead to extraordinary results. We advise our clients through all stages of the proceedings and safeguard them from overzealous police officers and prosecutors.

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At Kaplan Marino, we realize that there are two sides to the stories leading up to these types of confrontations, and we believe a swift and thorough investigation can assist the accused in presenting their side in the best light. Self-defense claims can be substantiated when witnesses are interviewed at an early stage of the investigation, strengthening the position of our client.

In many cases, our pre-filing work results in no criminal charges being filed, city attorney or district attorney hearings in lieu of formal charges, or reduced charges. When cases are litigated, we thoroughly and aggressively investigate and cross-examine the accuser, thereby presenting our client's case in the best light.

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Representative cases

Our client was charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, felony resisting arrest and felony vandalism. It was alleged our client grabbed a woman at a gas station and attempted to kidnap her. She broke free and ran to safety. Our client fled and was chased by police after running through traffic and causing damage to several vehicles. After thorough legal research, investigation and negotiations with the prosecutor, our client entered a plea of no contest to one count of false imprisonment and was given probation with a drug program.