Theft Offenses

Theft Defense Lawyers In Beverly Hills

The attorneys at Kaplan Marino have successfully defended all types of theft cases, including petty theft, grand theft, larceny, embezzlement, fraud, robbery and burglary. Whether we are representing a student or a housewife in a petty theft case or a business owner or corporate executive in a white-collar fraud case, we use thoughtful and tenacious strategies to obtain the best results for our clients.

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Petty Theft

Shoplifting or the theft of something under $400 in value leads to charges of misdemeanor petty theft. Our attorneys regularly negotiate with victims, which may result in the dismissal of the charges, a reduction in the charges or minimal sentences not involving jail time.

In these cases, often inexperienced private security guards make citizen's arrests. Our attorneys are adept at exposing the weaknesses in these cases for the benefit of our clients.


Embezzlement cases generally involve a theft by someone in a position of trust, such as employees, bookkeepers, politicians and others. Our attorneys are adept at dissecting the details and relationships that lead to allegations of embezzlement. We understand that defending these cases requires a keen understanding of the particular business that is making the accusation. We immerse ourselves in these cases until we have a firm understanding of the facts and a focused defense.


There are different types of fraud cases: credit card fraud, identity theft, white-collar fraud, tax fraud, Ponzi schemes, money laundering, investment fraud, stock fraud, backdating and numerous others. No matter the type of fraud case, we pay attention to the detail that is required to effectively defend these complex cases.


Robbery is a serious felony that can result in a "strike" conviction, causing serious consequences for any future cases. These cases involve the taking of property from another by force or a threat of force. Our attorneys defend these cases vigorously, attacking witness credibility, eyewitness accounts and all legal issues.


Breaking into a business, automobile or home is a burglary. A residential burglary can be a "strike," causing serious consequences for any future cases. We examine all of the details involved in these cases. Our attorneys discover all defenses through thorough investigation, intensive legal research and cutting-edge approaches. We regularly obtain extraordinary results for our clients.

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Representative cases

Our client was charged with a third-strike robbery: He was accused of taking a bank bag from someone on the street by force. At his jury trial, our attorney not only presented an identification expert that questioned the witness's ID of the client, but also effectively cross-examined the police officers, thereby impeaching the credibility of the police officers who each, in their testimony, placed our client at three different locations at the same time. Our client was found "not guilty" of all felony charges, and was convicted of only one misdemeanor charge. He was sentenced to time served without probation.

Our client was the controller at an electronics firm. He was called into the owner's office during an internal audit and was accused of embezzling funds. The client immediately left work and called our office. We contacted the owner and attorney for the company. Despite the fact there was overwhelming evidence that our client took over $400,000, the theft was never reported to the authorities and the matter was settled. It was the quick response and creative approach by the attorneys of Kaplan Marino that prevented a felony arrest and conviction.