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At Kaplan Marino, we have represented professionals, business executives, parents, spouses and all types of people accused of sex crimes. We thoroughly investigate and defend these traumatic accusations with precision and cutting-edge techniques that serve to protect our clients and often lead to extraordinary results. We advise our clients through all stages of the proceedings and safeguard them from overzealous police officers and prosecutors.

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California Sex Crime Facts

  • Sex crimes are prosecuted in both state and federal courts.
  • Multi-agency task forces investigate child pornography that crosses state lines physically or via the Internet. Possession or distribution (for example, email) of child pornography in large amounts can be prosecuted in federal courts with lengthy mandatory minimum sentences.
  • Sex offender registration is a consequence of conviction of most sex crimes.
  • Sentencing alternatives are available to avoid many of the collateral consequences of sex crime cases.

Three-Strikes Law

Many sex crimes are violent crimes and are considered strikes under the "Three Strikes" law. Rape and child molestation are crimes that involve a great deal of scientific evidence. We are familiar with the procedures and protocols that are required of law enforcement when gathering this evidence. We use highly skilled experts to assist us in creative and cutting-edge defenses of these matters.

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Representative cases

Our client, a limousine driver, was accused of the sexual assault of his passenger, a high school girl. Through our thorough investigation, we discovered the girl had voluntarily taken several drugs that evening and also took lewd photographs with her friends. The girl denied all of this behavior under oath at the preliminary hearing. After we successfully impeached her credibility, the case was dismissed prior to a jury trial.

Our client was accused of having an ongoing sexual relationship with a minor who was a patient at a mental hospital where he was employed. He was charged with numerous allegations, which would have required lifetime registration as a sex offender. Initially, he was held in custody on over $400,000 bail. As our investigation progressed, the client was released on his own recognizance as we presented the prosecution with evidence that the alleged victim was not credible. All sex-related charges were dismissed, and our client pled "no contest" to battery. Our client received a sentence of one-year summary probation.

Our client's home was searched pursuant to a search warrant by state and federal authorities. Hundreds of images, allegedly child pornography, were found on his computer. We were contacted at the initial stages of the criminal investigation and were successful in persuading the federal authorities to decline prosecution. Our client pled "no contest" to a single misdemeanor count in state court, receiving summary probation, counseling and no jail time.

Our client was communicating over the Internet with someone whom he believed to be a 14-year-old girl, but was actually a police officer. He sent pornographic images of himself to the police officer over a Web cam. Our client was charged with 11 felony counts, each of which carried a state prison sentence and mandatory registration as a sex offender for life. Due to our strategic and skilled handling of the case, our client entered a "no contest" plea to one count and was sentenced to five years of probation, counseling and no jail time. At the end of the five years' probation, his plea was withdrawn, and he entered a plea to a lesser charge. This removed the requirement of lifetime registration. The case was then expunged.