Accusations of inappropriate touching or more serious sexual violations are increasing in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Sometimes these allegations and the defenses thereto are based only on he said/she said or he said/he said or she said/she said, and sometimes these allegations and the defenses thereto are supported by messaging and other data as well as forensic and witness evidence.

Representative cases

  • Client was accused of sexually assaulting three women while they were intoxicated. None of the women knew each other and each brought the allegations to different law enforcement agencies. The client spent only 3 days in custody after entering a plea to one felony count of Assault and one misdemeanor count of Sexual Battery.
  • Client met a woman on Tinder. They went out on date and both consumed alcohol. The next day the woman accused our client of sexually assaulting her. After our investigation and presentation to the District Attorney no charges were filed.