Hit-And-Run Defense Attorneys In Beverly Hills

Hitting another car or a pedestrian with your car can be an extremely traumatic experience. After it happens, you are likely in shock and not thinking clearly. Fleeing the scene may be your gut reaction. Before you know it, you realize you have done something illegal.

Compassionate and nonjudgmental criminal defense. This is what the attorneys at Kaplan Marino in Beverly Hills offer. If you are dealing with hit-and-run charges, or if you haven't been charged but wish to speak to a hit-and-run defense lawyer about your options, please call us at 310-557-0007 .

Hit-And-Run Charges: How We Can Help

At Kaplan Marino, we understand being in an automobile accident can be a very traumatic experience, and everyone reacts differently. We have found that an immediate response to these cases can lead to positive results. We regularly speak to law enforcement investigators handling these cases and many times resolve the matter with them without the need to go to court. Identity of the driver is a necessary element in these cases; proving the identity of the registered owner of the vehicle is not enough for a prosecution. Our experience and knowledge in these cases protect our clients and lead to extraordinary results.

We have represented professionals, entertainers, business owners and others arrested for vehicular hit-and-run. Hit-and-run can be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor. The charging decision is based on whether there are injuries, or the case is limited to property damage.

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Representative cases

Our client hit a car in a parking lot and fled the scene. Witnesses described our client and took down his license plate. We contacted police prior to the filing of charges. We obtained the name of the other party and settled the matter. Our client never gave a statement to police. No charges were filed.

Our client got into a dispute after a fender bender with the other party and fled the scene. Significant damage resulted to the other vehicle. Prior to our representation, the client admitted the accident to police. We appeared in court and reached a civil compromise with the other party. All charges were dismissed.

Our client hit a person crossing the street and fled the scene. The pedestrian was hospitalized and had several broken bones. When contacted by police the following day, our client admitted to the accident. Due to the injuries, the district attorney sought a bail of $100,000. We convinced the court to release our client on his own recognizance. After a thorough investigation, we were able to show that there was an issue as to liability. Our client received a grant of probation.