DUI And DMV Matters

DUI Defense: Attorneys In Beverly Hills

Charged with drunk driving in California? There are steps you can take now that may help you avoid a conviction later. Talk to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to learn about these options.

The attorneys at Kaplan Marino in Beverly Hills have represented professionals, entertainers, business owners and others arrested for DUI. We understand the importance of minimizing any license suspension and of the collateral consequences a conviction can have on one's life.

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DMV Hearings And License Suspension

We contact the DMV within the mandatory 10-day period and schedule hearings on behalf of our clients. We also appear in court for our clients, allowing them to work, go to school and move on with their lives.

The DMV can suspend a person's driving privilege for up to three years in some cases. We conduct a hearing in every case, and we have great success in saving our clients' driver's licenses or limiting the suspension to as little as 30 days.

Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol, Drugs Or Both

Defending DUI cases requires a thorough investigation of all of the facts surrounding the arrest. Defenses to DUI cases can be found from witnesses that were with the driver earlier in the evening, passengers, police reports, breath testing device records, officer logs, videos and anything else that is unique to a particular case. By examining every piece of evidence in thorough detail, Kaplan Marino has gained extraordinary results for our clients. This attention to detail has gained the respect of judges and prosecutors throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County and Ventura County, as well as all of California.

We have also represented people charged with DUI with injury and vehicular manslaughter. Our thorough and creative approach to these cases allows us to obtain our clients' objectives.

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Representative cases

Our client was observed by officers behind the wheel of his vehicle when his car rear-ended another vehicle. He had a prior conviction and took a breath test that was above a .20 blood alcohol level; the legal limit is .08. At his jury trial, our attorney argued the client was never driving the vehicle, and that the car accidentally rolled into the other car while the engine was not running. The jury found our client "not guilty."

Our client was found asleep in the driver's seat; his car was on the curb in the drive gear and the engine was running. Our client pled "no contest" to one count of being drunk in public, and all DUI charges were dismissed.

Our client was under 21 at the time of his arrest, thus subjecting him to the "zero tolerance" rule by the DMV. (The "zero tolerance" rule states that any person under the age of 21 who is apprehended operating a vehicle with alcohol in his or her blood will lose his or her license for one year.) Our client was involved in a vehicular accident and was determined to have a breath alcohol level of .11. After technical evidence was presented at the DMV hearing regarding the lack of training of the police officer, and the unskilled operation of the breath testing device, no DMV action was taken and our client never lost his privilege to drive.

Our client was stopped by officers for speeding and weaving. He was arrested for DUI. A search of his car revealed cocaine. The breath test results indicated a blood alcohol level of .12. At the DMV hearing, our attorney raised several technical objections regarding the admissibility of evidence. The DMV suspension was set aside, and our client maintained his driver's license. In the criminal court proceedings, the felony drug charges were dismissed.