Practice Areas

Kaplan Marino specializes in white collar criminal defense and also regularly handles general criminal matters.

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White Collar Crime

To successfully defend against allegations of white collar crimes, we examine vast amounts of all the evidence and navigate a labyrinth of domestic and international laws. At Kaplan Marino, our attorneys have the experience, polished legal acumen and proven defense strategies to successfully defend against complicated white collar and business-related offenses in state and federal courts. This includes, but is not limited to:

Defending White Collar Clients

In addition to white collar crimes, we defend white collar clients for any type of criminal allegation. We understand the needs and expectations of white collar clients and we provide the same strategies and discretion no matter the allegation.

General Crimes

At Kaplan Marino, we appear almost daily in state court, where strong relationships and a reputation for tenacity and integrity lead to the fair treatment of our clients.

Representative Matters

  • All 54 felony counts dismissed against business owner accused of conspiring to deprive product supplier of millions of dollars.
  • Extradition matter dismissed against publisher and United States citizen accused of fraud in a foreign nation and subject to extradition to that foreign nation for execution of sentence.
  • Probation granted to car dealership owner charged with 27 felony counts in insurance fraud and money laundering scheme involving millions of dollars.
  • Department of Justice declined prosecution of decorated navy officer suspected of participating in a large-scale fraud on the military.
  • Federal diversion granted to high profile business owner under investigation for public corruption for attempting to bribe an IRS agent.
  • Department of Justice declined prosecution of INS agent under investigation for public corruption for taking bribes to naturalized citizens.
  • Probation granted for telemedicine employee indicted in flagship national healthcare fraud case.
  • Acquittal of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy in jury trial with charges of public corruption.
  • Probation granted to businessman indicted in health care fraud matter and again granted for same client indicted in Department of Defense fraud ten years later.
  • Charges dismissed against recycler individually after jury trial wherein company was convicted. (Nina Marino did not handle the trial)
  • Probation granted to mother and business owner charged in tax fraud and identity theft conspiracy.
  • Probation granted to paralegal charged with credit card and bank fraud.
  • Top secret security status granted to high level employee under investigation for corruption.
  • Probation granted to businessman in cybercrime case involving theft of trade secrets.