Defending yourself against investment fraud charges in California

When you're accused of fraud in California, you know that you could be facing time in prison or fines. It's not uncommon to be the center of an investigation when you work within the investment industry, but you don't need to let someone make you out to be a criminal. You could be accused of federal fraud charges, but that doesn't mean you've committed any fraudulent acts.

Of course, any kind of accusation of misconduct can be damaging to your reputation as a money manager. Because of that, you need to protect yourself and be sure your reputation isn't tarnished by those who don't know what they're talking about. Simply being associated with fraudulent acts, even if you didn't participate, could make it hard to find clients or to get hired later; that isn't fair for someone who has worked his or her entire life to get to this point.

You can use a defense for a number of situations ranging from those where you're accused of Ponzi schemes, insider trading, accounting fraud, churning, front-running, market manipulation or defrauding your shareholders. With help, you can show evidence that you weren't participating or that you had a much smaller role in crimes that you may not have been aware were happening.

To learn ways that you can defend yourself, spend some time looking over our website. You don't need to go through this process by yourself, and you deserve to be able to defend yourself by telling your side of the story. Your future and livelihood depends on your integrity, and that's something you need to protect.

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