About Kaplan Marino

Staunchly Committed to Clients in High-Stakes Cases

Powerhouse law boutique Kaplan Marino represents business professionals, executives, entertainers, public figures and other individuals under investigation or targeted by serious allegations of white collar and other criminal matters.

For most clients, this is their first encounter with the criminal justice system and serious threats to their freedom, livelihood and reputation. We defend and stand by them at every step, treating our clients' cases as personally as they do.

For more than 30 years, our lawyers' have successfully both presented to and and litigated against the U.S. Department of Justice, Attorney General’s Offices, District Attorneys’ Offices, Interpol and other authorities with results ranging from dismissal of charges, full acquittals, granting of diversion, and probationary sentences, with no-imprisonment in White Collar, and other State and Federal Criminal matters. Practicing from our base in Beverly Hills, Kaplan Marino has earned a national reputation and recognition for strategic client defenses unique in their creativity, credibility and effectiveness.

Because every client's goal and circumstances will differ, we customize defense strategies that help turn cases around and protect clients from collateral consequences. Many of our clients' cases trigger media interest. We manage the court of public opinion with the same level of skill, integrity and discretion as we put into our winning defense strategies.

Strength in Novel White Collar Criminal Defense Strategies

Unlike many white collar defense boutiques, our lawyers were not trained as government attorneys but rather in the complex realities of mounting a winning defense. Criminal defense is our core, and always has been.

That means we're not locked into conventional approaches and well-worn, predictable arguments. We're driven to go beyond the seemingly clear-cut, black-and-white theories offered by prosecutors.

Our team, in collaboration with our clients, discovers and introduces new facts that provide context and alternative perspectives that support our clients' circumstances. Experienced in defending clients before a range of authorities, from the Department of Justice and Interpol to Attorney General’s Offices, District and City Attorney’s Offices, we manage clients' most serious matters, including inquiries and charges related to:

  • Money laundering
  • Cybercrime, bitcoin, dark web
  • Tax and medical fraud
  • Theft and embezzlement
  • Public corruption
  • International Extradition
  • Drug related crimes
  • Code/building violations
  • Vehicular offenses
  • #MeToo

Resourceful Leaders in White Collar Criminal Defense

As an elite defense boutique in Beverly Hills, Kaplan Marino leverages its expertise and prominence in the criminal defense bar to our clients' advantage.

Our deep resources include world class investigators, forensic and accounting experts, and a vast network of relationships that reflect our experience negotiating with and litigating against federal, state and local government regulators, prosecutors and investigators across the United States.

Recognized by Best Lawyers, Super Lawyers, Los Angeles Business Journal and Los Angeles Daily Journal, our lawyers further their service to clients by furthering the development of criminal defense law. We are longtime leaders in the American Bar Association's Criminal Defense Section, Beverly Hills Bar Association and are founders of local chapters of the Women Lawyers of Los Angeles and Women’s White-Collar Defense Association.

Kaplan marino lawyers appear as legal experts in the media and speak at leading conferences on international extradition, fraud, cybercrime and white collar criminal defense law.

Richard Kaplan on Nina Marino
"Nina provides tremendous energy and devotion to clients.
She is skilled in the law and talented in presentation,
but she adds a dimension no one else can —
her remarkable focus and dedication."

Nina Marino on Richard Kaplan
"Richard is known for the intellectual and analytical power
he brings to each and every case.
If I was being investigated for or charged with any criminal offense,
I would want him as my lawyer."

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