About Kaplan Marino

Unparalleled Experience And Service

Although there are a multitude of criminal defense lawyers in Southern California, few firms focus their practice on white collar crimes and other serious criminal allegations. Fewer still have the resources and insightful attorneys to handle matters involving complex — and often conflicting — state, federal and international laws.

Kaplan Marino proudly stands as one of the select firms with the analytical capabilities and experienced counsel necessary to serve those who have been targeted by a criminal investigation or face multifaceted criminal allegations of all types. Our comprehensive representation encompasses but is not limited to:

In all matters, our clients benefit from the personal attention and creative solutions that they receive from our attorneys. We build personal relationships with each of our clients, so that they feel comfortable putting their trust and their future into our hands. Those who retain our services find that they gain the peace of mind and confidence that can only come from knowing that an accomplished attorney is protecting their interests at all times.

Discreet, Effective Representation

As one of the elite criminal defense firms in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area, we have become known as trusted advisers for executives, business owners, professionals, entertainers and other public figures who have both their freedom and their reputations at stake when criminal allegations arise. When representing these individuals or any other clients, we make confidentiality and discretion one of our highest priorities and work tirelessly to eliminate or minimize the collateral consequences that stem from contact with the criminal justice system.

Richard Kaplan on Nina Marino
"Nina provides tremendous energy and devotion to clients.
She is skilled in the law and talented in presentation,
but she adds a dimension no one else can —
her remarkable focus and dedication."

Nina Marino on Richard Kaplan
"Richard is known for the intellectual and analytical power
he brings to each and every case.
If I was being investigated for or charged with any criminal offense,
I would want him as my lawyer."

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