Federal White-Collar Crime

White-Collar Crimes

Have you been charged with a white-collar crime?

At Kaplan Marino in Beverly Hills, we believe that top-notch representation begins from the moment we are retained and prevails throughout every stage of the criminal process. From pre-indictment to bail to the discovery process, negotiation or jury trial, our effort on behalf of our clients are duly noted in the results achieved.

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White-Collar Crimes Defense

We have successfully represented individuals investigated for or accused of a wide variety of white-collar crimes:

  • Fraud: Accounting fraud, insurance fraud, investment fraud, securities fraud, procurement fraud, tax fraud, credit card fraud, Internet fraud, telemarketing fraud, bank and mortgage fraud, bankruptcy fraud, health care fraud, identity fraud, mail fraud, postal fraud, wire fraud, Medicare fraud, pharmaceutical fraud
  • Computer and intellectual property crimes: Email intercepting, Internet fraud
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations (FCPA)
  • Financial crimes: Embezzlement and theft, counterfeiting and forgery, extortion, money laundering, forfeiture, Ponzi and pyramid schemes
  • Other white-collar crimes: False statements, insider trading, conspiracy, bribery, public corruption, regulatory violations, witness tampering, antitrust violations, contempt of court, customs violations, environmental offenses, import-export offenses, perjury, matters involving international extradition

The attorneys at Kaplan Marino have represented individuals accused of white-collar crimes in numerous federal district courts throughout the United States, including but not limited to Arkansas, California, Georgia, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Texas and Virginia. We are adept at providing the best representation to our clients in the most cost-effective manner, irrespective of the venue.

We Have Experience Dealing With Federal Agencies

The attorneys at Kaplan Marino regularly handle white-collar criminal defense matters, including business crime, corporate internal investigations (including matters related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), counseling on corporate compliance matters, and more.

Federal white-collar crimes are investigated by a multitude of federal agencies, including the FBI, FDA, IRS, USPIS, ICE, ATF, DEA, EPA, HHS and USSS. Federal white-collar crimes are prosecuted by the United States Department of Justice. At Kaplan Marino, we regularly deal with these government agencies when defending our clients.

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Confidentiality and discretion are top priorities. We know that any contact with the criminal justice system can have collateral consequences. Unlike some firms, we do not seek out the media or attention; we provide each of our clients with strategically aggressive and thorough representation.

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Representative cases

Our client was charged with conspiracy to commit bank fraud. At sentencing, the government argued for a custodial sentence, while we argued for a probationary sentence. We persuaded the district court judge to continue the sentencing for one week, for the purpose of giving us an opportunity to develop alternatives to incarceration. At the sentencing hearing, our client was sentenced to a term of probation with a half-way house component, but no custodial time in the Bureau of Prisons. The other two co-defendants received prison time.

Our client was charged in over 40 counts of mail fraud, aggravated identity theft and unauthorized use of access devices (credit cards). Due to the conduct the government claimed caused more than $1 million in losses, the case required review and organization of thousands and thousands of documents. Despite the government's strong arguments for the client to be sentenced to several years in custody, we obtained a sentence of probation with an order of restitution of approximately $80,000.

Our client, charged with FDA regulatory violations involving customs laws, was acquitted of all federal felony charges after a jury trial. The co-defendant was sentenced to several years in prison.

Our client was charged in his third federal health care fraud case involving millions of dollars in losses. We successfully obtained a sentence, which did not include any custodial time in prison. Ten years later, this same client was again accused, now his fourth case. By carefully investigating and documenting his very serious and varied medical conditions, we were again successful in keeping this client with his family.