Federal Sentencing

Federal Sentencing

What are federal sentencing guidelines? Federal sentencing guidelines are a set of rules that recommend specific penalties to individuals who are charged with federal offenses. Although federal sentencing guidelines are not mandatory, they are often used by judges to maintain consistency among specific offenses.

Sentencing for federal crimes and state crimes is a complex process involving many factors. At Kaplan Marino in Beverly Hills, we defend individuals charged with federal crimes. To speak to one of our federal sentencing lawyers, please complete our online contact form.

The Benefits Of Working With Our Attorneys

At the Beverly Hills law firm of Kaplan Marino, our expertise in sentencing matters is widely acknowledged:

  • We manage the discovery process: We employ a methodical and thorough approach to discovery of all information of benefit to our clients in the sentencing process.
  • We work with probation officers: We seek to educate probation officers in the course of preparing their reports to the court in order to portray our client in his or her best light.
  • We explore sentencing alternatives: We seek out nonconforming sentencing alternatives, such as community service, payment of fines, house arrest, rehabilitation programs and sober living houses, and are proficient at presenting this information to the court.
  • We are always mindful of the collateral consequences: Including immigration consequences or professional consequences, which our clients may face in a criminal matter.
  • We work closely with each client to identify the least restrictive sentence: This allows them to move forward with their lives.

We are accomplished at deciphering sentencing guidelines and statutes, researching case law and drafting sentencing memorandums that incorporate the most successful arguments to fully mitigate any and all sentencing consequences faced by our client.

Contact Our Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you have been charged with a federal offense, do not wait to talk to an attorney. You can call us at 310-557-0007 to reach our Beverly Hills law office.

Representative cases

Our client was charged in a health care fraud case involving millions of dollars in losses. The client had a significant criminal history. We successfully obtained a sentence, which did not include any custodial time in prison. Ten years later, this same client was again accused, this time for government theft. By carefully investigating and documenting his very serious and varied medical conditions, we were again successful in keeping this client with his family.

Our client was convicted in a jury trial of satellite piracy. We were retained by the client for sentencing. Over the strenuous arguments made by government attorneys, due to the successful and meaningful arguments presented to the court at sentencing by our attorneys, our client was sentenced to probation. This sentence was affirmed on appeal, and remains one of the seminal cases involving probation for white-collar crimes in the Ninth Circuit.


Our client, charged with money laundering in Arkansas, was wrongfully denied bail at the time of his initial appearance in California. We argued again for bail in Arkansas before the district court, and when that court denied bail to our client yet again, we took the case to the appellate court in the Eighth Circuit where we won, thereby gaining our client's freedom. After more than a year, we successfully resolved the case avoiding any custody time for our client.