Federal Drug Charges

Federal Drug Charges

Federal drug charges should not be taken lightly. The federal penalties for these offenses — such as drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, and drug transporting — are frequently unduly harsh. At Kaplan Marino, we vigorously defend our clients in these cases in an ongoing effort to shield them from those very penalties.

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Understanding Federal Drug Charges

Many drug charges are prosecuted in federal court, as opposed to state court. This is often due to the volume of sales. These offenses are charged as unlawful manufacturing, importing, exporting, trafficking or possession. Sometimes, this conduct is charged as a RICO violation. These cases are often investigated by the DEA, FBI and sometimes in conjunction with a local agency, forming a task force. They are prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

Our attorneys are adept at discovering the flaw in the government's case. We thoroughly review all the evidence, which frequently involves wire taps, surveillance video and photographs, and search warrants. Our attention to detail combined with our unique creative approach gives us the skills to best defend our clients.

Our highly skilled litigators extensively review the entire discovery in search of meritorious issues, such as illegal search and seizure, which if successful, can result in the dismissal of drug crime charges.

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Representative cases

Our client, charged with possession for sale of cocaine in federal court (Northern California), a 10-year statutory mandatory minimum offense, was able to plead to a four-year term, commonly referred to as a "phone count." We were able to achieve this result after our complete review of the circumstances of his arrest, ultimately leading to our discovery of an issue relating to potential violations of our client's right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. By coordinating our efforts to qualify our client for a "safety valve" sentence reduction, with simultaneous intensive plea negotiation, we achieved this substantially reduced sentence for our client.

Our client, charged with trafficking in opium and facing many years in prison if convicted, was able to plead to a reduced charge carrying no custody time and a one-year probationary sentence. We achieved this result after careful and thorough review of all the government's evidence. By using the knowledge we obtained in that review, we were able to skillfully negotiate with the government. Today, that client is the owner of several successful businesses.