Computer Pornography And Obscenity

Child Pornography And Obscenity Charges

Have you been charged with an Internet sex crime? Penalties for child pornography, obscenity, and similar crimes are severe. Take steps now to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process which you face.

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Penalties For Federal Sex Crimes

Sex crimes prosecuted in federal courts carry heavy penalties. For example, penalties for possession of computer images portraying sexual exploitation of a minor and obscenity are often increased based on the number of images. These cases carry with them legislatively imposed mandatory minimum and maximum sentences. They are investigated by multi-agency task forces that cross state lines physically or via the Internet, and are prosecuted by the Department of Justice. Sex offender registration is a consequence of conviction of most sex crimes.

How We Can Help

At Kaplan Marino, we have represented professionals, business executives, parents, spouses, and all types of people accused of these serious federal offenses. We thoroughly investigate and defend these traumatic accusations with precision and cutting-edge techniques that protect our clients and often lead to extraordinary results. We advise our clients through all stages of the proceedings and safeguard them from overzealous government agents and prosecutors.

You Can Expect Confidentiality At Kaplan Marino

Confidentiality and discretion are top priorities for the attorneys at Kaplan Marino. We know that any contact with the criminal justice system can have collateral consequences. Unlike some firms, we do not seek out the media or attention. We provide each of our clients with a strategic style of aggressive and thorough representation.

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