Former employee in California charged with embezzlement

A former employee at the University of California, Berkeley, is facing felony charges after she was accused of stealing money from the university. The former employee was an administrator at the school and allegedly stole roughly $90,000 to help pay for her kids' tuition at a private language school. According to the court affidavit, the woman already spent $17,000 to pay for her kids' private school tuition.

The woman has been charged with embezzlement and grand theft and could face serious penalties if she is convicted of the felony charges. In addition to the penalties the woman could face if she is convicted, she could face harsher consequences since this isn't the first time she has been charged with embezzlement.

The woman was previously convicted of embezzlement back in 2009 after she pleaded guilty to stealing money from a financial and insurance company. For that offense, the woman was fined $32,000 and served three years of probation. This time, the woman could face much harsher penalties since she is facing nine felony counts for the white-collar crimes.

Charges of embezzlement can not only result in significant fines and even time in prison, but they can also impact a person's reputation. Embezzlement and other white-collar crimes can ruin a person's professional career as well as deter future professional and personal relationships even if the accused is found innocent.

Individuals suspected of embezzlement and think they may be charged with a criminal offense should contact a criminal defense attorney. Prosecutors are trying to crack down on white-collar crimes in the United States and are taking accusations of embezzlement and other financial crimes very seriously. This can lead to rushed investigations based on false or inaccurate statements that can cause devastating consequences for individuals facing these charges.

Source: KOLO 8, "California University Administrator Charged With Embezzlement," June 1, 2014

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