Federal prosecutors aggressively seek drug convictions

Though the laws regarding drugs are becoming more relaxed, specifically in regard to marijuana, in many states, at the federal level the War on Drugs rages on. Someone charged in federal court with drug trafficking or manufacturing may face a long time behind bars if he or she is convicted or pleads guilty.

Several federal laws are aimed at stopping larger volumes of drug sales. In some cases, federal prosecutors charge defends with violating the RICO Act. The federal government devotes a great deal of its power and resources into arresting and convicting alleged drug traffickers. The FBI and DEI, often working with local police, investigate suspects and make arrests, while attorneys with the Justice Department try to secure convictions in court.

Having the power of the government working against you can be scary, but it does not mean that they have you dead to rights. Federal agents are subject to the same procedural rules as local police. An error or purposeful violation of your civil rights can result in evidence getting thrown out of court, tilting the odds in your favor.

Even legitimately obtained evidence can be scrutinized. Defendants have the right to confront the evidence against them. Witnesses can be cross-examined, and physical evidence may not actually point to the defendant'??s guilt.

The best chance someone charged with a federal drug offense has is to retain a defense attorney who has experience in federal court. That way, the defendant'??s rights will not be run over during the pre-trial and trial phases.

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