Appellate Practice

Criminal Appeal Lawyers In Beverly Hills

At Kaplan Marino, we handle appeals from both the state and federal courts:

  • In state court, some matters can be appealed via the writ process, prior to the conclusion of the case. Once the state court case is concluded, an appeal can be taken to the California Court of Appeal, and eventually the California Supreme Court.
  • In federal court, matters are appealed to the Ninth Circuit and ultimately, if legal grounds exist, to the United States Supreme Court.

The appellate process requires extensive research, review of case law and review of court documents. Appellate practice is a time-consuming process that requires patience and perseverance. At Kaplan Marino, we dedicate ourselves to the process in order to achieve justice for our clients.

If you are seeking information about the appeals process, or if you are wondering if your case would likely be successful in appellate court, our attorneys can provide insight. We have significant experience that we can put to use on your behalf.

Nina Marino was the attorney on one of the leading published Ninth Circuit cases on reduced sentences.

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