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Kaplan Marino is one of California’s pre-eminent criminal defense law firms and is well-known for artfully defending those accused of serious criminal violations involving state, federal or international laws. During our attorneys’ more than 45 combined years of legal practice, they have gained the requisite legal knowledge and trial skills necessary to obtain successful resolutions to complex, high-stakes criminal matters.


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The attorneys of Kaplan Marino are known in California and globally as leaders in the field of criminal defense.


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We regularly comment on newsworthy cases in and around Los Angeles and the United States.


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With a specific focus on white collar crimes, Kaplan Marino brings decades of experience to aid their clients.

About Our Office - Shades of Grey

In creating the design for the office, I wanted everything about the space to reflect our firm.
The abundant natural light in suite 902 was necessary to implement my idea of creating a space that would function as both art gallery and law office. I selected colors and materials to reflect who we are as a firm, while serving to showcase the artwork. The color scheme selected was different greys with chrome, black, and white accents; the furniture and raw materials all possess strong elements with clean lines.

The shades of grey that appear throughout the office reflect our philosophy that what happens in life is neither black nor white, just shades of grey. I created a space that I love coming to everyday, a place where beautiful art is displayed in a tranquil and sophisticated setting. It is my hope that our clients experience a sense of comfort, calm and tranquility when they come to Kaplan Marino, in the heart of Beverly Hills.