Internationally Recognized White-Collar Criminal Defense Team

Always Defense, Never Prosecution

Redefining White-Collar Criminal Defense

Internationally Recognized Criminal Defense Team

Kaplan Marino's individualized defense strategies turn cases around and protect clients from the collateral consequences of serious criminal charges.

Creative criminal defense is our core, and always has been. Our custom, often unconventional, and highly effective defense strategies are backed by decades of experience in the complex realities of a winning defense. We understand the enormity of the stakes involved and take our client's matters as seriously and personally as they do.

We are based in Los Angeles but we represent clients throughout the United States and defend those targeted by local, state, federal and international criminal allegations. With a more than 30-year record of achieving favorable outcomes - from the U.S. Department of Justice and Interpol to Attorney General's, District and City Attorneys' Offices we manage clients' most serious matters.


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The attorneys of Kaplan Marino are known in California and globally as leaders in the field of criminal defense.


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With a specific focus on white-collar crimes, Kaplan Marino brings decades of experience to aid their clients.

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Our commitment to clients is evident at each point of contact. Kaplan Marino's Los Angeles office reflects the creative defense strategies we develop in every case. The art-adorned modern space, gray tones and clean aesthetic establishes a welcoming environment— and also points to how nuanced details, such as shades of gray, can transform the black-and-white arguments relied upon by criminal prosecutors.